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Euphoria of Fresh Air – June 2024


Euphoria of Fresh Air – July 2024


<< scribbles of solitude but with the wind astern >>

Claydi Kadiu was born in Policoro on February 9, 1994, to Albanian parents. He graduated in electronics from IPSIA Pitagora in the same city. Still among the ranks of students, he dedicated himself to entrepreneurial activity by opening a VAT number for e-commerce on 14 January 2013. Despite the difficulties encountered along the way, he continued to cultivate a strong interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, expanding his sphere of interests in the following years also towards investments and philanthropic activism.

About his drawing activity, childhood interest and newfound hobby, he says:

“Having always been a lover of the wind, part of the time at my disposal is dedicated to the love of simple sketches, representing the air as I can and as I perceive it. A hatching of scribbles of solitude but with the wind astern. The other part to my aforementioned passions, entrepreneurship, active philanthropy, investments. After all, even more recently, on the date of which the note in question, drawing is my real job.”